May 172013

1) the anti-ultraviolet function identification

A pair of sunglasses have anti-ultraviolet function, we can not distinguish with the naked eye, the factory products express promise is for consumers to buy the protective sunglasses only reference, we can in some product labels and glasses to see the front such as: “100% UV protection”, “UV400″, “all UV barrier”, “ultraviolet” express logo. Continue reading »

May 112013

The heat of summer, the sun has become a top priority in front of. Wearing sunglasses to go out a lot of adults, I also saw on the road, some sunscreen and a strong sense of the parents to the children wear sunglasses, every child is very vigorous, but a closer look at the glasses, the lenses are rough piece of plastic, there is no protection from the sun, the eyes of a child is certainly more immature than adults, the child’s eyes can it be exposed to UV light? child can wear sunglasses? Continue reading »